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Case Studies

Police stop a perceived threat

Officer's Perceived Threat from Driver of Stolen Car

Late one evening in downtown Los Angeles, CA, local patrol officers prepared to corner a stolen Honda Civic in traffic. One vehicle pulled over in front of the Civic while the other blocked the rear. In a frightened response, the driver, Mr. Baker, reversed into the rear-bound police vehicle. Half a second after this contact, the front-bound police officer opened fire on the driver, rapidly shooti...

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3D model with MRI images spliced

Fully-Interactive TBI Exhibit

Ms. Brown was walking home from work one day, exiting her last bus ride and entering a crosswalk. As she stepped forward, a mid-size car hit directly impacted her going full-speed from her left side. She was taken to the nearest hospital where doctors performed emergency surgery....

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3D reenactment dark road

Nighttime Reconstruction of Pedestrian Fatality

One night, Billy, an 18-year-old high school senior, was driving down a dimly lit road in Tacoma. After passing the intersection, three young women were crossing the street in the middle of the block. Billy claimed he did not see them and struck one of the women, killing her at the scene. When officers arrived, they questioned Billy, and he admitted to smoking marijuana ten hours earlier. That ad...

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Collapsed tree branch on highway.

Motorcyclist's Extensive Injuries from Tree Branch Collapse

Jane Neeley was riding her motorcycle on State Route 79 when a large tree branch broke, falling on top of her. Luckily, nearby responders came to help and called 911. She survived but suffered serious orthopedic injuries that would leave her paraplegic for life....

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Rear-end accident between a sedan and a pickup truck.

TBI and Spinal Injury from Low-Speed Collision

Ms. Suarez was driving on a two-lane road that merged into one lane when she was struck by a pickup truck from behind. Her head whiplashed, but the accident didn't result in notable physical damage to her body or vehicle and didn't require emergency response....

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Visibility Analysis for Unlawful Nighttime Arrest

After turning right on W Madison Street in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Mr. Darby was pulled over by a trailing Sioux Falls officer. The officer told Mr. Darby he was being pulled over for making an illegal right turn into the number one lane of the two-lane road and asked if Darby would consent to a search of his vehicle. Mr. Darby gave consent, but was driving with a small amount of methamphetamin...

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Drive-By Shooting Reconstruction

Denise drove her boyfriend, Eric, to a house party where he planned to pick up some equipment from a friend. While Eric met his friend in front of the house, Denise stayed in the driver seat of their vehicle outside. As he leaves, he gets into a verbal altercation with the resident of the home, but walks away into his car and drives off. ...

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Construction Site Fall

Attic Construction Injury Analysis

Mr. Davidson was a career HVAC technician working on a standard dampener when he fell through a worksite ceiling. He was carrying a ladder into a ceiling crawlspace when he stepped off the platform, causing him to fall into the kitchen below and sustain injuries in his back and neck. Mr. Davidson claimed that due to the lighting and improper foam insulation, he was unable to see where the platform...

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Nighttime intersection

Traffic Safety Analysis for Fatal Pedestrian Collision

While walking within a marked crosswalk for pedestrians on a busy street in Henderson, NV, a young man was fatally struck by a vehicle traveling in the #1 lane at 40 MPH. This accident occurred at night, and was captured in the corner-view of two nearby security cams....

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Shooting animation

Control-of-Firearm OIS

During his shift monitoring a busy bus station, Officer Inez heard two gunshots in the distance. As he approached the sound of the shots, he saw two men wrestling over a handgun in the street. He commanded both men to show their hands. After they failed to comply with this order, he fired three shots into the man he claimed was holding the weapon, killing him.‍ ...

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Brain surgery animation

Severe TBI Demonstration

20-year-old Stacey, an excellent college student, was walking across a city street when a distracted driver plowed into her right side. Her head and torso directly impacted the body of the vehicle, rendering her unconscious and requiring immediate aid....

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Video Reconstruction of Grainy Vehicle-on-Pedestrian Collision

One night, while at a bar in Ventura County, Gerardo Rodriguez and another man, Jorge, started a physical altercation that end with bloodshed. Gerardo and a friend were driving away later when they saw Jorge again and started to chase him in his car. Gerardo’s accomplice jumped out of his car to pursue Jorge while Gerardo drove around to flank him. ...

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Car wash slip and fall animation

Car Wash Slip-and-Fall Injury

Mr. Smith had just driven through a car wash and noticed his car’s antenna fell off near the exit. He went to pick it up and slipped on a puddle while reaching down. He hit the back of his head on the corner of a wall, but walked away after a moment of recovery....

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Bus driver PRT

Bus-on-Bicyclist Accident Demonstration

Mr. Wheeler, an elite cyclist, was riding in a designated bicycle lane when a public bus veered right onto his path. Within seconds of colliding with the front-right corner, his momentum was pushed off the road. His path-of-travel veered into a nearby tree and crashed head-on less than two seconds later....

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Animated reconstruction of incident

Fatal Nighttime Collision between Car and Pedestrian

On April 9th, 2019, Skylar and his friend James were visiting Grass Valley, CA from Tampa Bay, FL and stopped for drinks at a local dive bar. While there, some locals were bothered that these outsiders took their favorite table. After confronting them, a fight broke out and Skylar rushed James into their car as he was badly beaten up. ...

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mental health shooting description

Mental Health Crisis OIS

An Arizona city's police force responds to a mother's emergency call for her son, Paul, who is having a mental health crisis and harming himself with a knife. Police attempt to subdue Paul in his apartment, but he gives chase through a nearby park until he is cornered. He darts through the nearest gate, shutting it as officers close in. ...

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Nighttime Visibility Reconstruction of Motorcycle Collision with Road Barrier

In preparation for a large George Floyd protest in 2020, a Bay Area city set up multiple K-rail barriers to prevent traffic from driving through the protest location. That night, Mr. DeLong, a local motorcyclist, rode along the closed-off street, ignoring traffic barriers and road closure signs, and drove around one set of K-rails before crashing into another set. Mr. DeLong suffered a broken femu...

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