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Over 20 Years of 100% Admissibility. Over 3,000+ Cases Served. More than $1 Billion in Verdicts Won. We provide the most advanced forensic technology available for your case.

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Jason C. Fries is the CEO and Lead Forensic Expert of 3D Forensic, Inc.

Jason C. Fries has worked on forensic analyses and productions since 1997 and has since become one of the most reputable forensic voices in the industry. Fries’s innovations in multiple forensic specialties have enabled 3D Forensic to offer some of the most comprehensive services in the nation.

Throughout his years as CEO of 3D Forensic, Jason has successfully infused forensic testimony, visualization, and analysis to the company’s casework, earning the trust and recognition of California and the nation’s most influential attorneys. He has written numerous pieces for forensic and legal publications including Forensic Magazine, Claims Magazine, International Right of Way Magazine, the CAOC’s Verdict Magazine, and the California District Attorneys Association Quarterly Journal.

Featured on bloomberg law and the chicago tribune logo
Inventor of Laser-Based Photogrammetry, a method of extracting 3D measurements from 2D images

Accident Reconstruction Hard-hitting Visuals Bring Your Case to Life

All accidents, whether they are vehicular crashes, workplace liability accidents, personal injury, or wrongful deaths, can be traced to specific facto [...]

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Laser Based Photogrammetry Actualize the Dimensions of Your Case

Can you look at a picture and determine exact measurements? You may be confident in your estimation, but there’s no way to ascertain sizes or distance [...]

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Medical Animation Vitalize Your Client's Story

Explaining medical concepts to a non-medical audience rarely communicates all the complications, pain, and suffering a client faced. Whether an injury [...]

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3D Laser Scanning Capture Reality for Courtroom Recreations

Laser scanning is the process of capturing millions of measurements with a laser-scanner. Laser scanners shoot out near-invisible beams tens of thousa [...]

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Video Analysis Revealing The Truths Hidden On-Screen

Video evidence has become one of the most instrumental forms of evidence in 21st-century forensics. Through video analysis, our experts can ascertain [...]

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Nighttime Visibility Enlighten Juries Through Scientific Analysis

For years, testimony on nighttime visibility was based on subjective, sensory observations of experts without mathematical quantification. The accepte [...]

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OIS Reconstruction Exhibit The Facts of the Encounter

Officer-involved shootings have become nationally-recognized tragedies because of the country’s increased focus on social justice. Because they are ag [...]

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"We have used Jason Fries and his team twice to create medical videos depicting complex surgeries. The videos impressed both the jury and the defense attorneys. Perhaps most helpful, Jason will work on short notice and provide a persuasive product."

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Robert Igleheart

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