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Video Analysis

Revealing The Truths Hidden On-Screen

"None of my other experts could conclude that [my client] hit his head by just watching the video alone. Only when 3D Forensic broke down the video into a 3D reconstruction were they able to see the incident clearly."

— Steven Fabbro | Law Offices of Steven Fabbro
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Videos Never Lie, but they Can Mislead if 3D Forensic Analysis is Not Performed

Watching a video of a car crash, bicycle accident, armed robbery, or police shooting can often mislead the audience on how or even why an incident occurred. Whether the issue is video quality, misleading perspective (dash camera vs driver’s view), or any other challenge, it is crucial to be able to extract the unbiased truth from an incident’s video recording.

3D Forensic has over 20 years of video analysis experience, creating protocols that successfully find the answers to your questions and then effectively illustrate the truth. 3D Video Analysis can answer questions traditional analysis simply cannot.

  • How fast was this car traveling?
  • How tall is that person?
  • Is that object in his hand a gun, a knife, or a cell phone?
  • How much force was behind that punch?
  • What could the officer see before they discharged their weapon?
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"We have used Jason Fries and his team twice to create medical videos depicting complex surgeries. The videos impressed both the jury and the defense attorneys. Perhaps most helpful, Jason will work on short notice and provide a persuasive product."

Robert Igleheart
Robert Igleheart

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