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The First Company to Ever Have Laser Scan-Based Animation Admitted Into Trial In United States Court System

3D Forensic, Inc. is a forensic technology firm offering forensic analysis, expert witness testimony and courtroom animation. We work with all legal teams to capture pertinent data, provide unbiased analysis, and visualize the facts. This process separates us from most firms who provide forensic animation without a scientific approach.

Over 4,000+ Cases Served. More than $1 Billion in Verdicts & Settlements Won.

Our mission to “seek and illustrate the truth” involves directly educating audiences on the complexities of the cases before them. With powerful visuals, clear messaging, and compelling storytelling, our specialists work to uncover the truth of your case from evidence and communicate it effectively to a jury, opposing counsel, or judge. We have strived to always deliver the highest-level analysis possible by quantifying the most important elements of your case.

While the firm was founded in 2012, our team has led innovation in modern forensic analysis and technology since 1997. Through the years, our work has resulted in new, modern analytical standards for areas including nighttime visibility, ballistics analysis, and officer- involved shooting reconstruction. We have performed work across the United States as well as Puerto Rico and Japan.

Jason C. Fries is the CEO and Lead Forensic Expert of 3D Forensic, Inc.

Jason C. Fries is the CEO and lead forensic expert of 3D Forensic, Inc. He has worked on forensic analyses and productions since 1997 and has since become one of the most reputable forensic voices in the industry. Fries’s innovations in multiple forensic specialties have enabled 3D Forensic to offer some of the most comprehensive services in the nation.

Fries developed his forensic prowess through research in use-of-force incidents at the Force Science Institute, completing the Advanced Specialist certification. He also graduated from San Diego State University with a BS in Biology and focuses in Physics and Chemistry.

Throughout his years as CEO of 3D Forensic, Jason has successfully infused forensic testimony, visualization, and analysis to the company’s casework, earning the trust and recognition of California and the nation’s most influential attorneys. He has written numerous pieces for forensic and legal publications including Forensic Magazine, Claims Magazine, International Right of Way Magazine, the CAOC’s Verdict Magazine, and the California District Attorneys Association Quarterly Journal. He has also lectured for many clients and associations, including UC Hastings School of Law, the Society of Forensic Engineers and Scientists, and the Forensic Expert Witness Association.Download Jason's CV

Featured on bloomberg law and the chicago tribune logo
Inventor of Laser-Based Photogrammetry, a method of extracting 3D measurements from 2D images

Innovation in Laser Scanning

First to introduce laser-scan based animation admitted into United States Court System

First to introduce laser-scan based animation into Superior Court of Hawaii and Santa Clara Superior Court

First to theorize use of laser scanning technology for forensic purposes

Innovation in Officer-Involved Shooting Reconstruction

Developed modern technological analysis of officer-involved shooting

Worked on national cases including Laquan McDonald, Laudemer Arboleda and Mario Woods shootings

Innovation in Laser-Based Photogrammetry

Theorized and invented the technical process

Published writings on the use of 3D digital photogrammetry

We Are Pioneers in Forensic Technologies

We have also led the adoption of numerous forensic technologies including forensic animation, laser scanning, drone photography/videography, and light measurement. By utilizing the most state-of-the- art technology, we ensure that your case’s visualizations are produced accurately and efficiently.

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"We have used Jason Fries and his team twice to create medical videos depicting complex surgeries. The videos impressed both the jury and the defense attorneys. Perhaps most helpful, Jason will work on short notice and provide a persuasive product."

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Robert Igleheart

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