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OIS Reconstruction

Exhibit The Facts of the Encounter

"None of my other experts could conclude that [my client] hit his head by just watching the video alone. Only when 3D Forensic broke down the video into a 3D reconstruction were they able to see the incident clearly."

— Steven Fabbro | Law Offices of Steven Fabbro
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There is Just Too Much at Stake to Get This Wrong. We Understand the Science Behind These Events.

Nothing is more important than reconstructing the truth in an officer-involved shooting, as there is too much is at stake.

While body-worn cameras may capture an event, it does not totally educate the audience on the entire event. Often, the BWC sees the world differently than the officers because it doesn't have the same perspective. It also fails to explain the science behind human factors, perception, reaction times, or different possible outcomes.

We understand the dynamics behind these events and have taken extensive training to understand the science behind what is happening when an OIS occurs. We use the latest technology in ballistic analysis, human factors, and the line-of-sight analysis to educate the jury on the true facts so they can make fair and just verdicts based upon facts, not conjecture.

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"We have used Jason Fries and his team twice to create medical videos depicting complex surgeries. The videos impressed both the jury and the defense attorneys. Perhaps most helpful, Jason will work on short notice and provide a persuasive product."

Robert Igleheart
Robert Igleheart

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