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Accident Reconstruction

Hard-hitting Visuals Bring Your Case to Life

"We were extremely grateful for the outstanding work 3D Forensic did on this case. Their work product helped reduce a very complicated fact pattern and scene into a simple and digestible display of demonstrative evidence that was not only persuasive and effective, but also instrumental in our successful resolution."

— Richard Schoenberger, Esq. | Walkup Melodia Kelly Schoenberger
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We Don't Just Animate Your Expert's Findings, We Give Them the Tools to Form Their Opinions

Accident Reconstruction animations are immensely powerful tools to educate the jury on how and why an accident happened, but to get the most out of the science you need to understand all the elements of your case facts.

  • Why did the accident happen?
  • Was there gross negligence?
  • Was the accident unavoidable due to the conditions of the environment?
  • What actions contributed most to cause the accident to occur?

Our team has over 20 years of experience working with your experts to help them find the truth behind these questions. We make sure that the case facts you are relying on to answer these questions are based upon sound forensic analysis and not conjecture.

Our final process is to make sure that the complex analysis is presented to the audience in a visually dynamic, easy-to-understand presentation that allows the jury to make a just verdict.

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"We have used Jason Fries and his team twice to create medical videos depicting complex surgeries. The videos impressed both the jury and the defense attorneys. Perhaps most helpful, Jason will work on short notice and provide a persuasive product."

Robert Igleheart
Robert Igleheart

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