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KTVU 2 News
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Let’s hit pause; as the first quarter of 2024 comes to a close, our team takes a moment to look back on the start of this new year and the cases, stories and progress to which our work has contributed. With the new year’s promise of hope for those involved in serious cases, we are continuing our mission to provide informative visuals and analysis in the pursuit of justice. This would not be possible without the diligent work of our clients across the nation who entrust their cases to our technical storytellers.

With this inaugural newsletter, we would like to recognize the efforts and results of our colleagues, remember some memorable events with the legal community and look forward to what’s in store for the second quarter of 2024!

New Developments///

20 Case Closures through Settlements/Verdicts

Case Focuses:///

Plaintiff: Estate of Robert Adams v. City of San Bernardino///

After the tragically fatal shooting of Robert Adams in March 2022, our firm was retained by renowned civil rights attorneys Bradley Gage and Ben Crump to perform a full 3D reconstruction on the incident caught on security and body camera footage. The police department alleged several key claims following the shooting, including that the officers feared Mr. Adams was retreating to return fire and that he made eye contact with the officers before he reached the end of his path.

After reconstructing the timing, positions and shots fired frame-by-frame, our team delivered key conclusions via our video animation product shown at mediation. Key conclusions included:

  • Mr. Adams never could have turned to make eye contact with the officers at any point
  • Officer Yeun fired all six shots after Mr. Adams was unarmed, most of which were in his back
  • Officer Yeun took half a second after the first shot to re-evaluate after the firearm had been tossed, but consequently fired five consecutive shots

Mr. Gage and Mr. Crump detailed our reconstruction at an ensuing press conference at Mr. Gage’s office in LA, featuring CEO Jason Fries and the family of Mr. Adams, and announced the city’s $4 million settlement with the family.

"This is how you prove a case. You get rid of rhetoric and you get right down to the science and facts." ///

-Bradley Gage, Brad Gage Law, APC///

“What is so compelling about the video [animation] is the fact that it’s a video anatomy of the shooting. Why did they (the city) settle the case? Because six shots in the back; you can’t explain that.” ///

-Ben Crump, Ben Crump Law///

Fox 11 (Los Angeles): Rob Adams $4M Settlement Announced

Plaintiff: Oakland AC Transit Bus Hits Unsuspecting Motorcyclist///

Our firm partnered with Mr. Landon Vivian, Esq. of The Barnes Firm and the trusted experts at InSciTech to reconstruct a serious bus-on-motorcycle accident that occurred in Fremont, CA. The motorcyclist in this case suffered life-long injuries after crashing into the front of the AC Transit bus that was turning right from the second lane to the right. Video evidence also showed that the driver was distracted, waving at a fellow oncoming AC Transit bus driver.

After extensive analysis, 3DF helped determine:

  • The speed of the approaching motorcyclist,
  • The speed of the AC Transit bus,
  • The visibilities of the bus driver and motorcyclist

The team also developed a 3D animation showing the incident as it had occurred along with multiple “what-if?” scenarios that would have prevented the collision.

After deliberating with our animation at mediation, Mr. Vivian secured a $1,840,750 settlement for the injured plaintiff.

“Our client was placed at fault by the investigating police officers. This was based on an alleged unsafe passing, at a high rate of speed, with intoxicants in the system, and no motorcycle license. The footage of the crash initially produced by AC Transit was not sufficient to help really show the full story. The critical issues that arose were what lane the bus was in prior to making the turn, what was the speed of the bus when turning, and was the driver distracted before and while attempting the turn. 3DF and InSciTech were able to work together on this matter to provide clear evidence on these issues that was utilized with great success during the depositions of key AC Transit personnel. We were extremely happy with the work they had done.” ///

-Landon Vivian, The Barnes Firm///

Criminal Defense: Reconstructing a New Jersey Hallway Arrest///

Through attorney Eric Kleiner, Esq., 3D Forensic helped reconstruct a police use-of-force incident for the criminal trial of Officer Spencer Finch in Paterson, NJ. Officer Finch responded to reports of a domestic dispute with the subject acting erratically in an apartment hallway. After the subject made critical threats to the officers, Officer Finch moved to subdue him through force, leading to his arrest.

The primary evidence in this case was a grainy hallway security camera that captured one side of the scrum and a fellow officer’s body-worn camera. Though neither footage provided a perfect picture of the actions taken, 3D Forensic was able to position-track Officer Finch and the subject to clearly show each specific movement for a jury’s understanding.

By showing our exhibit and with CEO Jason Fries’s testimony, Mr. Kleiner argued Officer Finch’s case, with a jury returning a verdict of “not guilty” of aggravated assault along with multiple other charges.

Plaintiff: School's Failure to Respond to Minor’s Cardiac Arrest Incident under Direct Supervision///

3D Forensic worked with attorneys Robert Buccola, Esq. and Jason Sigel, Esq. of Dreyer Babich Buccola Wood Campora, LLP to highlight how a California high school’s negligence led to life-altering trauma and medical damages for a student suffering from a heart attack. After the initial cardiac arrest, school faculty failed to deliver proper first aid treatment for about fifteen minutes, at which point EMS responders delivered life-saving care. Through narrative animation and a filmed reenactment, 3D Forensic visually identified what went wrong and what should have happened.

Mr. Buccola and Mr. Sigel utilized these exhibits to secure an undisclosed seven-figure settlement for the family.

“3D Forensic, Inc. strives to get it right and has a commitment to producing both accurate yet compelling demonstrative evidence for their clients.” ///

– Robert Buccola, Dreyer Babich Buccola Wood Campora///

Civil Defense: Reconstructing a "Dangerous Pothole"///

CalTrans reached out to 3D Forensic, Inc. to reconstruct the dimensions of a concrete ledge on Highway 1 near Dana Point, CA. This accident had resulted in injuries and loss-of-work for the plaintiff, who lost control of his vehicle after riding over the cracked asphalt.

While the plaintiff had claimed that they measured the concrete ledge themselves at six inches, CalTrans attorneys had doubts about this measurement. The asphalt had since been fixed, so the attorneys needed to verify the ledge through laser-based photogrammetry. Only iPhone images of the ledge existed once 3D Forensic was retained.

By laser scanning the area and comparing photos to a point-cloud of the patched area, 3D Forensic was able to reconstruct the true depth of the ledge at the time of the incident. These digital measurements had shown that NO portion of the ledge was measured greater than 0.2 inches high. With this knowledge, CalTrans attorneys were able to negotiate a fair settlement agreeable to all parties in mediation.

Images used to perform 3D measurement analysis


New Year 2024///

Our team rang in 2024 with renewed excitement and conviction to deliver the essential services to our faithful clients!

ASCDC Annual Seminar///

Our team had a ball meeting everyone at the Association of Southern California Defense Counsel’s Annual Seminar!

CAOC Sonoma Seminar///

As AV-Tech sponsors for CAOC’s Sonoma Seminar, our team was grateful for the opportunity to reunite with the state’s top attorneys and listen to their wisdom from years of experience.

3D Forensic team's exhibit at the CAOC Sonoma Seminar

SFTLA Ski and CLE///

At the SFTLA’s Ski and CLE event held in Lake Tahoe, CEO Jason Fries spoke on the forensic scientific method and how experts must be held to a scientific, not sensory, standard.

Jason Fries instructing SFTLA on forensic science lecture
Jason Fries instructing SFTLA on forensic science lecture

Continuing Education:///

Sweet James Law///

It was a very sweet experience stopping by the LA office of Sweet James to educate the state-wide firm on the forensic technology available for their cases!

Jason Fries instructing Sweet James Law on forensic science
Jason Fries instructing Sweet James Law on forensic science

Century Law///

Century Law was a terrific audience for our “21st Century Tech in the Courtroom” MCLE session.

Jason Fries instructing Centruy Law Law on forensic science
Jason Fries instructing Century Law on forensic science

Bordin Semmer///

We greatly appreciated the opportunity to demonstrate the significance of forensic technology to Bordin Semmer’s dedicated attorneys.

Panish Shea Ravipudi///

3D Forensic was very excited to visit the LA office of Panish Shea Ravipudi to share the best practices for introducing forensic technology to their cases.

Jason Fries instructing Sweet Jame on forensic science

Next Quarter///

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month///

3D Forensic recognizes the increased safety risks motorcyclists face as drivers. As the winter weather dissipates and riders take to the road, 3D Forensic encourages all motorcyclists to know the facts about risks and cruise safely.

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month Promo Image

NACDL Forensics Seminar///

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers will be hosting their annual Forensic Science Seminar at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas from April 18th – 20th. We are very excited to meet with the national criminal defense community and past partners to demonstrate the latest forensic technologies revealing the truths of their cases.

NACDL Forensics Seminar Promo Image

FACDL Annual Gala///

Our partners at the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers are hosting their Annual Gala in Miami on Saturday, May 4th. 3D Forensic, Inc. is glad to be invited and sponsoring this event for the association’s determined criminal defense lawyers.

FACDL Annual Gala Promo Image

Trial Lawyers University: Huntington Beach///

From June 5th-8th, 3D Forensic will be exhibiting at the very successful conference series Trial Lawyers University, where the nation’s top trial attorneys share wisdom and experience with America's next generation. Be sure to stop by to learn about the latest forensic demonstrations and how we seek and illustrate the truth in catastrophic cases!

TLU Huntington Beach Promo Image

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